October 3, 2011

Wiesn Girls in dirndl

A girl at Oktoberfest 2011 München (aka Wiesn). Wiesn girl #1

A trademark of Wiesn (the original Oktoberfest) are girls wearing dirndl for showing off their (sometimes remarkable) décolletage also known as cleavage. Dirndl are a traditional dress in Bavaria. It used to be worn by poorer working girls in the past. But more recently, it became rather popular at Oktoberfest because of its figure-hugging qualities. It even appears that the dirndl currently makes new friends all over the world. A fashion trend made in Munich.

So, all of this theoretically provides for ample of photo opportunities like in a giant fashion show. Except that Wiesn is a very crowded party zone and nobody would want to make it easy for you. On the other hand, taking photos is a tolerated sports as long as they are serious and don't show up in the internet without permission (which is why I omitted the face of people I have no permission from). Nevertheless, good décolletage photos are rare (except from prominent people posing to be photographed) and I made a test of what can be achieved.

Equipment wise, I used a Pentax K-5 with the DA* 60-250mm/4 using AF and a Pentax K-x with a DA 15mm/4. I fixed the latter to f/8 and 1.4m manual focus with SR turned off to have sub-second reaction time to take photos in the crowd. No photo bag to keep a low profile. This turned out to be quite a capable combination.

Actually, the girl in the opening image is taken from a video I took with the K-5 at 250mm using manual focus while she walked up the staircase to the Bavaria monument at Wiesn. The manual focus was difficult to maintain (and is not perfect). But I still like the result as a photo I may not have been able to shoot as a still.

Below is this staircase in the background.
Bavaria monument

Below, I'll show impressions from Wiesn 2011. Note that many images are heavily cropped. Also, some post-processing was applied to reduce some hard shadows from the sunny day.

Wiesn girl #2

Wiesn girl #3 (note the cleavage)

Wiesn girls #739.347 to #968.567

Wiesn girl #4 ("Awaiting him while being looked at")

Wiesn girl #5

Wiesn girl #6

Wiesn girl #7

Wiesn girl #8

I'd like to know from any comments if you like the fashion trend at Oktoberfest. It definitely provides for some nice eye catchers. If you have any favourites in this mini series, post a comment. I'd like to know your taste too :)

Thanks for stopping bye and I hope you enjoyed your stay.



  1. Each is better than the last. They all make me smile!

  2. Interestingly, the last one (#8 and happens to be Wiesn girl #1 too) is *my* favourite ;)

  3. Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!


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