June 5, 2009

I am Pentax K-7 Alpha Tester :)

When I returned to my office today, I found a yellow delivery note from UPS on my desk. Labeled: Sent by Pentax. Uuhh! Could this be related to the K-7 test action Pentax was calling alpha testers for?

I got no notice and had almost forgotten about it but indeed: the package contains a kind letter from Pentax asking me to test the K-7 (also in the box); and this implies that I must be one of ten selected alpha testers for Germany. Of course, I felt very lucky immediately :)

So, I am now preparing to meet Karsten (kafenio's K-7 blog), another K-7 alpha tester in Munich to exchange first impressions. And I am now setting up my webspace ( so everything can be linked together and cited for further reference. Which is the real reason why this blog is born today, actually ...

After I got out and shot some photos, of course. The Pentax K-7 is too tempting to resist :)

Stay tuned for further info ...


  1. Congrats for being selected by Pentax Germany as one of the ten testers. I hope you should try your best to test it and let Pentax know for all its weaknesses for their consideration and improvement. Thanks for your efforts!

  2. Thanks for all the trouble sharing this with us.
    I've looked at the ISO tests.
    ISO 1600 looks very useable to me.

    There is a hot pixel at the left, upper side of the picture. You may want to map that out.

    - Bert

  3. Bert, you look closer than me, good find!

    I'll leave the hot pixel as a souvenir of the unique alpha test camera in my photos :)


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