June 13, 2009

K-7 and the moskito

Today, when I looked out of the window, I saw a moskito on the other side.

Well, a good opportunity to try out the K-7 with the DA 35mm Ltd. macro lens. What a wonderful lens!

The image below is taken at ISO1600 and was overexposed (I overexposed manually) and later post-processed for better contrast. It is a freehand shot but I used the window glass to rest parts of the camera body. Light is daylight in the shadow. The moskito was alive :)

I noticed that autofocus starts to have trouble when exceeding about 3:1 magnification. I think this is normal because with the DA35, the distance of front lens to subject starts to change dramatically as well. So, I used live view to focus manually and actually had to magnify to 10x and shift the region of interest on the rear screen (I couldn't get the moskito into the center of frame). This worked out nicely. The full 640x480 resolution of the display certainly is a benefit.

Below, I add a 100% crop too. It is from the unprocessed original.

Note that the moskito eye segments are very small, maybe only 25┬Ám. The ISO is 1600 and the firmware is pre-production. So, please don't do noise analysis from it;)

Enjoy the image.



  1. Anonymous, thanks for the nice words.

    BTW, it is not a mosquito but a sniper fly. Now, I'll have to fix this ;)

  2. For Iso 1600, it looks good


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